My breeding program is very important to me. I have been involved with and have studied the German Shepherd breed for over 25 years. I take time and study the prospective sires and dams of my future litters and their pedigrees. Knowing this information is vital to having exceptional puppies that have the whole package. Having the whole package; beauty, correct structure, wonderful temperament, high intelligence and healthy dogs and puppies is what you can expect at Vom Musselman German Shepherds.


  • Fully vet checked, up to date on shots, and microchiped
  • Come with full health guarantee including hip/elbows
  • Started on socialization
    • Raised around small children
    • Raised around other dogs and animals
    • Taken on field trips strictly for positive socialization experiences
  • Raised with Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS)
    • Stimulates and develops neurological systems
    • Increases stress tolerance
    • Promotes stronger heart rate
    • Promotes stronger immune systems and adrenal glands
  • Discounted Training available
    • Special prices on all training packages
  • Lifetime Breeder Support


  • Are completely health tested (including DM) and hip/elbow certified either through the OFA or SV
  • Are titled in various sports
    • Competitive dog sports test the true nature, temperament, and soundness of a dog
    • Competitive dog sports test the physical abilities and agility of a dog
      • If a dog cannot handle the physical needs, stress and training of competive dog sports it is lacking the WHOLE package and should not be bred
  • Have Conformation Show Ratings or Titles
    • Ensures that the parents are structurally correct and adhere to the breed standard